Sibella Knott-Craig

Sibella is the co-founder and CEO of Tribage.

With her qualification as a Chartered Accountant, her ambition to make the world a better place through technology, and her prior experience in financial management and consulting at global and listed companies including Deloitte and Siemens, she is now tackling ‘Healthy Tech’ for kids.

Sibella enjoys working on new projects for clients, and is passionate about Tribage’s own range of educational apps in local African languages, called Xander.

These award-winning apps were designed to support early learning in the vernacular, and were inspired by her children. She combined the games they love to play with the homework that needed doing to create enjoyable, learn-while-you-play apps.

Sibella was short-listed as an USB Social Innovation Finalist in 2016 and become a TechStar Mentor in 2017. Xander Apps won best Kids’ App at the Silicon Beach App Awards, was a finalist in the AppsAfrica Innovation Awards, and MTN App of the Year Awards, and was runner up in Facebook’s Africa Innovation Challenge in 2016. Sibella is available to give talks and can be contacted at sibella@everafrica.com

Natalie Petersen

As Operations Manager, Natalie is the backbone of the business.

With her expertise in project management, product development, communication and social media, she enforces Tribage’s policy of creating high quality products and sticking to deadlines. Her keen interest in continuous learning adds to her prior experience from Brand’s Eye.  

Working as a native English teacher in South Korea after finishing her studies at UCT, and a passion for early learning and technology, contributes to Tribage’s own catalogue of ever-growing educational apps, called Xander. 

Software Development Partners, UI / UX, Graphic Design, Animation

Our development partners have all been empowered to become masters of their own destiny and run their own ventures to allow them the freedom to develop according to their wishes and better understand all aspects of running a business.

Tribage is a lean operation that benefits from sharing resources within a bigger group of technology-related businesses. Our software and sound engineers, design and UI/UX experts are shared within the organization, giving our clients the best quality and experience at the most affordable prices.

How it all started

Tribage was conceived by Sibella & Alan Knott-Craig in January 2013.

Their young family completed an unforgettable road trip across the USA and returned home with a firm conviction that South Africa is an amazing country to live in, and that it offers enormous opportunity in the mobile web application space. 

Technology is the future and for the first time mobile technology is winning the race. Devices and data are becoming more affordable and therefore the need for local content is also becoming increasingly urgent.

Tribage has become the technology partner of choice by specializing in service excellence through creating award-winning mobile applications and providing healthy technology solutions in education and edutainment. 

We are proud to have been part of the creation of the following apps:

App: Yoo!

Client: Molteno Trust

App: Masimamele!

Client: Little Hands Trust

App: Listen!

Client: Little Hands Trust

App: The Joy Story – English

Client: The Joy Project 

App: The Joy Story – Xhosa

Client: The Joy Project

App: The Joy Story – Afrikaans

Client: The Joy Project

App: Xander Afrikaans Tyd – Deel 1

Client: Xander 

App: Xander English Wardrobe

Client: Xander

App: Xander Afrikaans Spel Gr1&2

Client: Xander