What we do

Tribage App Studio specializes in creating educational apps for young children in local languages. Based on award-winning digital books and mobile apps, Tribage is the perfect partner for your mobile application.

With expertise in software engineering, design, UI/UX, animation and sound, your bespoke solution is a call away.

Why we do it

  • We believe in creating healthy technology
  • Clients are able to reach new markets through a digital footprint
  • Clients can distribute worldwide and update instantly
  • Mobile technology is the future, you can lead the way
  • We address a huge need for high quality vernacular apps
  • Local learning apps improve knowledge and literacy, save the world

How we do it

Basically, it’s top secret, and we’re amazing … but each app is treated with loving care and created by a team of experts from start to finish.

As soon as we understand your vision, our experienced team set to work on the design, user-experience, graphics, animations, development, testing and submission to make your dreams a reality.